Wollaton Hall And Deer Park

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Wollaton Park is a deer park and home of Wollaton Hall, Nottingham Natural History Museum and Nottingham Industrial Museum in the heart of Nottingham.

Alina Blinova, Wollaton Park

Alina Blinova, Wollaton Park

It is hard to imagine that such a huge country house and park are hiding behind the walls that surround Wollaton Park within such a built up area of Nottingham.

The park is home to a herd of red deer and fallow deer.

But did you know, that Wollaton hall was used in the Batman movie!

It’s a great day out with everything from lakeside and woodland walks to museums and wild deer. It’s a great place for a picnic for the whole family, and ice cream.

Whether around the lake, around the hall or spotting the many majestic deer, Wollaton Hall has many interesting spots for photography.

Absolutely a Beautiful place to visit. Whether it’s simply for a quiet walk around the grounds, to see the deer up close or to visit “Wayne Manor” Wollaton Hall has it all.