Wellness Clinic at Harrods

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While the God created us all unique and beautiful in our own way, it’s still our own responsibility to look after and treasure our beauty ourselves. With the help of nowadays technologies and innovations, it becomes more easier, but if that would be as easier as it seems… The main question which always arises: how to find that right Doctor for YOU, who can combine all the know-how knowledge, who can understand your needs, advice and help your skin to look natural, radiant, fresh and always young?

Alina Blinova, Dr Marwa Ali

Frankly speaking, i am against any medical interfering in my body, that’s probably why I hardly look after my face skin as I would probably have to, not to mention any special procedures but truth to be told I always wanted to find a specialist who I would  trust implicitly with all my problems and insecurities, who would understand my skin type, my facial features and advice and help me to keep it young and beautiful for many more years to come.

God blessed and heard me, by introducing me to the most friendly doctor in my life. So, allow me to introduce YOU to Dr Marwa Ali – London’s Top Dermatologist Aesthetic Specialist from The Wellness Clinic concession in Harrods on the 4th floor.

Harrods is the house of Luxury and now the house of the Top wellbeing and beauty in London. The Wellness Clinic combines top, each hand-picked, world-renowned experts in the fields of aesthetics, wellness, dermatology who are ready to transform you inside and out.

Today, I can proudly say: Dr Marwa Ali – dermatologist expert, stands behind my radiant and healthy looking skin. I am absolutely Blessed to have met her.

I never thought of the face skin the way I think now, truth to be told, Dr Marwa Ali opened an absolutely new unfamiliar world of non-surgical aesthetic procedures for me.

Please bear with me, I will be sharing my new discoveries in Non-Surgical World of Beauty. Follow and READ my next BLOGS: //www.alinablinova.com/blogs/travel/london/

TO BOOK YOUR CONSULTATION WITH DR MARWA ALI please CALL: +44(0)20 7225 5678 or +447533429810, FOLLOW HER on INSTAGRAM: @dr_marwaali

Once you see the Dr Marwa Ali, don’t forget to mention my name for your very special treats.