Mini-rhinoplasty procedure @ Harrods Wellness Clinic

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The nose is one of the most central parts of our face. If seemingly out of place or too large or an odd shape it may detract from our natural beauty and for many it’s something that they would love to correct.

I never thought that I can reshape and recontour my Nose with non-surgical job procedure, just only in few minutes.

LET Me SHARE with you my DISCOVERY of 2017!!!! Non-surgical aesthetic Mini-rhinoplasty procedure by Dr Marwa Ali London’s Top Dr Marwa Ali London’s Top Aesthetic Dermatologist Specialist from The Wellness Clinic concession in Harrods on the 4th floor.

A non-surgical nose job (Mini-rhinoplasty procedure) can be used to improve certain features of a  nose and Filler also, can smoothen a minor contour irregularity following previous rhinoplasty.

If you not ready yet for surgical rhinoplasty, its a perfect way to achieve the result you always wanted.

The whole procedure took around ten minutes and the result left me absolutely speechless, it was visible immediately as compared to almost a year for surgical rhinoplasty. With Juvederm Voluma dermal fillers, which Dr Marwa Ali used, the result will last for up to 2 years. Looks a bit Scary from the pictures but in reality its absolutely PAIN-free local anaesthetic procedure. I went straight to an event without any downtime.

Thank you, Dr Marwa Ali, for your magic!

Are you still thinking of doing plastic surgery? Forget, try this 21st Century Revolutionary Creation which will Solve your problem!!!

*Treatments are bespoke for every individual and results may vary.


PRODUCT: Juvederm Voluma dermal fillers

TIME: 15 minutes

RESULT: Immediate

LAST: up to 2 years

RECOVERY TIME: Immediate, no downtime. **There is always the risk of some slight swelling or bruising with dermal fillers, but these post-treatment effects will only last for a few days.

PAIN: Painless treatment

PROCEDURE COST: £695 for first syringe plus £400 for each additional syringe

TO BOOK YOUR CONSULTATION WITH DR MARWA ALI please CALL: +44(0)20 7225 5678 or +447533429810, FOLLOW HER on INSTAGRAM: @dr_marwaali

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