Lunch at Mari Vanna Restaurant

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It’s not easy to find a Restaurant outside of Russia, which is serving excellent Russian home-cooked cuisine with the warmest hospitality… and Mari Vanna is one of these rare places in London where you can find it all.

Located just round the corner from Harrods in Knightsbridge, Mari Vanna brings the best of the authentic Russian “Babushka’s” house to London, with genuine Russian/soviet artifacts, carpets on the walls, gzhel, crystal chandeliers etc somehow it makes the whole interior ultimately elegant, magical and folklorish.

Absolutely genuine, yummy and patriotic Russian food, just like my grandma would cook and portions are as big as she would serve me with, that I couldn’t neither finish my Borsh, nor salads, it’s tasty and absolutely authentic but without any twist.

What to Order For Lunch:

  • Olivie with Ox tongue: Classic salad with carrots, marinated cucumber, peas, baked potatoes and a light mayonnaise dressing
  • Vinigret: Traditional Russian salad of carrots, beetroot, pickled cucumbers and baked potatoes, dressed with aromatic sunflower oil
  • Pickles selection: Marinated cucumbers, scalloped squash, salted cucumber, tomatoes
  • Pirogi: Traditional Russian small pastry with a choice of fillings
  • “Borsch” – classic Russian beef and beetroot soup
  • Chicken Tabaka: Whole Cornish Hen Served w/ Roasted Finger Potatoes w/Garlic and Rosemary and Tar-Tar sauce

If you happen to be in London, make sure you plan your visit to Mari Vanna and book your table in advance. I usually come there at lunch and stay almost all day, as the whole atmosphere and friendly staff, makes your visit so pleasant and enjoyable, that you don’t want to leave the restaurant.

If you happen to be there, make sure to say “Hi” to the most charming and friendly General Manager – Evgeniya Gavina – Rickman. She will definitely make sure that your stay will be comfortable and very enjoyable.