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When I arrive at work, it was mostly stop in DOWNTOWN area. My favorite hotels: Palace Downtown, Address Downtown or Armani Hotel. All my business meetings mostly take place on the territory of the hotel, they are very dynamic and very modern design features to business negotiations.

There is an expression: “Greece has it all”, but trust me the United Arab Emirates is the place where they have it ALL: All the best, tallest, and most expensive. Therefore, when visiting this fabulous place you have to see it with your own eyes:

1) If you have arrived and settled in Dubai, you must:
a. Admire the highest in the world, “dancing” fountain in Burj Khalifa. Fountain dancing to Michael Jackson music, AndrĂ©a Bocelli to Arabic folk music. It is best to watch the fountains in the evening when the heat subsides and you can enjoy its beauty is quite powerful with laser illumination.
b. There you will see the tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa. You can combine browsing “dancing” fountains from the observation deck on the 124th floor. The best time during the sunset.
c. I advise you to visit the world’s largest shopping center – Dubai Mall, in which you can get on the elevator of the Burj Khalifa.