YEWN Luncheon and Private Viewing

Seven Park Place

November 3rd, 2016

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During the Asian Art week in London on 3rd of November,  YEWN contemporary Chinese Fine Jewellery hosted a warm and very private Luncheon at a Michelin star restaurant – Seven Park Place by William Drabble.

Dickson Yewn and Alina Blinova

Dickson Yewn and Alina Blinova

It was such a perfect choice of the location for such an intimate Jewellery Brand to present its new collection “Continuing the Beauty of China”.

What an honour to meet Mr Dickson Yewn, the heritage Jeweller and creative designer of the YEWN brand. His conceptual fine jewellery collections draw inspiration from Eastern philosophy, mysticism and Chinese culture. “I view myself as a storyteller,” he says. Dickson’s YEWN unique vision transforms into his timeless creations which change all existing stereotypes in the jewellery industry. Who said our fingers are round?! Who said ring can’t be squared?! Mr YEWN breaks all known stereotypes and creates absolutely unique pieces, by creating First ever SQUARED Ring.

Yewn adapted this symbol of health and long life for his Lock of Good Wishes series, which features rings and bracelets with lock motifs decorated in diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.

It’s not just breathtaking jewellery collection, but it’s also very comfortable and elegant to wear.

Thank you once again, Dickson Yewn for bringing your collection to London and in a way, educating us. Absolutely fell in Love in your creations.