Tricouni Private Viewing

Browns Hotel, London

December 16th, 2015

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When I met Melia Park, CEO of Tricouni Brand, she was wearing cashmere red coat with fur. You couldn’t pass by without noticing it. I felt in love at first sight. It looked so glamorous but same time very warm, just what is needed right now on these cold winter days.

Milyae Park, Alina Blinova, all in Tricouni coats

Milyae Park, Alina Blinova, all in Tricouni coats

It is a perfect Time to wrap yourself in something very warm but same time look Chic and elegant. Tricouni is a perfect match. Each piece is designed to equip for adventure and conquer the modern elements. Tricouni collections are designed with the belief that luxury should perform. Their pieces are transitional and versatile from morning to night and season to season with a Price range starts from £800 – £3000.

I couldn’t wait to share this new brand I discovered with my friends.

My company, RuStyle Ltd. found perfect location for this special occasion. Niagara room of Browns hotel on 16 December became our home for the evening.

Candles, fireplace, Christmas decoration, Champaign and canape’s created cosy Pre-Christmas mood of the evening.

Surrounded by Beautiful Tricouni pieces of coats, hats and other accessories made It feel like someone’s winter home and helped everyone to enjoy the evening.

Everyone who purchased their new coats, please Enjoy wearing them and please don’t forget to keep yourself warm but BEAUTIFUL!