Tricouni Private Viewing

Mortons Members Club, London

January 26th, 2016

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After a successful event in December, i and my company RuStyle Ltd. had many requests from my friends, who wanted to try coats from Tricouni brand and their infamous hats. Tricouni collections are designed with the belief that luxury should perform.

Rustyle ltd. event for Ticouni

Rustyle ltd. event for Ticouni

Private room in Mortons Club has been chosen this time for showcasing Tricouni coats and introducing the brand to my friends who missed my event with the brand in December.

It was such a Beautiful start of the year with a Beautiful occasion.

After a small presentation and showcase of the coats, guests had a chance to try any pieces they liked which led us to a couple of sales on the evening. Now Tricouni coats and hats will be seen in many winter holiday destinations from Courchevel to Gstat.

Enjoy wearing them and please don’t forget to keep yourself warm but BEAUTIFUL!