Specialisterne Foundation

April 30th, 2018

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RuStyle Ltd and its founder Alina Blinova couldn’t stand aside and not to get involved with helping to raise awareness for Specialisterne Charity foundation, which aims to enable one million jobs for people with autism through social entrepreneurship, corporate sector engagement and a global change in mindset.

Thorkil Sonne, Alina Blinova

Foundation works with stakeholders around the world to bring about visions of a world where people are given equal opportunities in the labour market. It is an innovative social enterprise providing assessment, training, education and IT consultancy services, where most of the employees are people with autism. In November 2015, Specialisterne Foundation was approved as NGO Associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information.

We very much hope you enjoyed our very first the lunch in UK that was hosted by Alina Blinova and Thorkil Sonne, founder of Specialisterne Charity foundation, at the Berkeley Hotel, Motcomb Room April 30th 2018. We enjoyed very much discussing “The Autism Advantage” and the “Dandelion Principle” with you.

We would like to extend to all our guests sincerest thanks for ongoing dedication and support to scale Specialisterne Foundation’s efforts in relation to creating a positive life outcome for autistic people and their families.

The lunch was of course just part of the ever ongoing efforts in the continuation of raising awareness about this truly special foundation and its objectives.

Raising such awareness is, as I’m sure you would agree, a key component of the hugely important work which Specialisterne Foundation does, as of course, are financial donations. These are a vital means of aiding our efforts to scale the impact on the lives of autistic people and their families in the UK and globally, and I very much hope I can count on your good self for a generous contribution, albeit financial and otherwise.

Donations can be made through this LINK: https://www.sharedimpact.org/product/44959/Specialisterne at Shared Impact.

Please, Help and Donate!