Natalia Rotenberg “From Russia with Love” Charity Dinner

Dorchester Hotel, London

March 5th, 2016

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On 5th of March Natalia Rotenberg hosted her first charity dinner in Dorchester Hotel’s Ballroom in London to help Young Talented kids.

Natalia Rotenberg, Alina Blinova

Natalia Rotenberg, Alina Blinova

Natalia Rotenberg managed to gather very sophisticated and rich crowd. Among guests were people from TOP 100 FORBES list, celebrities, members of Royal family, guests with titles and friends and family of Natalia Rotenberg. Under my estimation, total net worth of the guests was around £3 billion under one roof. But, what could you expect, if the ticket price per person was £1,000 and tables were going for £10,000.

Black ties dress code created magical “Cinderella” mood from the minute I arrived. Wearing jewellery from De Grisogono (one of the sponsors of the evening) added to my magic mood extra sparkle. Great work of the Dorchester Hotel team, who made the rooms look like a magic oasis, filled with flower gardens and life music, made the final touch in my magical feeling for the whole evening. Truly liked the settings of the tables and idea that each and every table had a name of infamous Ballet Dance. My table had a name “Scheherazade”, coincidence?!

My company Rustyle, was very much involved in co-organisation of the process from attracting guests to finding sponsors of the evening. In the meantime, I tried to advise and give and share as much expertise in event organisation in London to Natalia, as I could in a very tight and short time, so she performs to the highest level. With my and her own general overall organisation, Natalia achieved almost perfection! Well done!

Alina Blinova, Natalia Rotenberg, de Grisogono

Alina Blinova, Natalia Rotenberg, de Grisogono

“Was it really worth going to this Charity dinner?”- you may ask. Well, it all depends on what you are really looking for from these type of the events. If we are looking for networking, then 100% – YES, worth each and every penny. If you are looking for fun and great entertainment program, then I am afraid it is not the place and right type of the evening. Nevertheless, the whole evening looked so beautiful and elegant, with beautiful ballet dancers and London Orchestra accomplishment. The only thing I would certainly change or adjust for the next time is the length of Entertainment program, make it shorter and include more ENTERTAINING acts, as by the time auction started, guests were a bit sleepy and bored.

Will Natalia host further events, in the nearest future? The Answer is up in the air, but I hope that she will! As every help, every thought counts and these kids need this help from all of US!!

Once again, I want to thank Natalia Rotenberg for her courage and her hospitality. Your energy, your passion and your vision, are all what is needed to MAKE THIS BEAUTIFUL IDEA INTO HUGE SUCCESS!!! If you need me, I am here and ready to help again and again!