Ladies Luncheons

The Art's Club, London

October 12th, 2016

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All of US are very busy business ladies and each of US has their own lives, families, kids or businesses… BUT only once a week, we dedicate our time to Each other on our Weekly Ladies ONLY Wednesday Luncheons, which are organised on an Invitation basis.

“Why EACH Wednesday?” – simply, because most of US travels all the time and its almost IMPOSSIBLE to meet ALL in one go, in one day, so Each and Every Wednesday gives us an opportunity to catch up with those who are around or just came back in town from Fashion weeks, Art exhibitions, Business Trips or just beautiful holidays… Hence,  our Ladies Luncheon CAMP grows on a weekly basis.

We are gathering together with my beautiful, gorgeous Ladies for weekly Luncheons to discuss latest trends, charities or just share new ideas and business opportunities.

Sometimes we start at Lunch time and finish quite late after dinner. OMG, how many times we finished our Luncheon when the venue was already serving dinners.

It’s our MAN FREE ZONE  time… If you are not with US, you are AGAINST US… 😉