Healthy Lunch Celebrating Fashion & Jewerly

March 20th, 2018

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On a beautiful Tuesday, Alina Blinova, founder of RuStye ltd. presented new collections of recently discovered brands: Vicedomini, W. Salamoon & Sons, Sophia Kah and Ethan K over “Healthy Lunch Celebrating Fashion & Jewellery” to gorgeous ladies of London at the most sophisticated and private venue in London – Lanesborough Club & Spa. Crowned the World’s Best New Hotel Spa 2017 at the World Spa Awards, The Lanesborough Club & Spa, was an absolutely perfect place for presenting the NEW discovered “JEWELS” on the Market.

After a great response from London ladies, I brought back my last year discovery VICEDOMINI – one of the oldest fashion house from Italy.  Since 1962, VICEDOMINI has been dressing Europe’s élite in signature gowns and dresses. Under the creative direction of Alessandra Vicedomini, the house has shifted gear, placing it at the forefront of Italian Fashion. Slick knitwear collection takes the heritage of the past and weaves it with the demands of the fashionable contemporary woman creating a go-to luxury brand that combines urban city dressing with a jet-set An absolute joy to present Alessandra Vicedomini, with her cosy and such comfortable garments for a daily wear. This is MUST TO HAVE AND WEAR Daily brand.

What can compliment gorgeous looks of any lady any time of a day?! Of course the most beautiful jewellery with the most exquisite designs which would make any women shine even more. Well, W. Salamoon & Sons – my new discovery this season definitely satisfies all these needs. The W. Salamoon & Sons were founded in 1907 in Beirut and served its clientele across the Middle East, but luckily enough in 2015 they entered the international market and brought stylish and sophisticated designs to an international audience. We absolutely blessed to have this brand now in London. Each piece is made with love from the heart of the Salamoon workshop with diamonds and stones selected carefully for their purity and quality, becoming the soul of each elegantly crafted design. MUST TO HAVE in each jewellery collection of Each lady no matter of the age group. 

None of the wardrobes would ever be completed without an amazing evening wear garments! This season discovery – Sophia Kah , designs effortlessly romantic couture for cultured and strong-minded women. Sophia Kah signature style offers a touch of youthfulness, which is balanced by classic shapes appropriate for any occasion. This season it’s about: New silhouettes offer a fresh after-dark update, from cool cutouts to embroidered matching sets. Wear the coral and white lace version (with trending statement shoulders) for your next summer wedding. The brand which can be found in all the major stores around the globe: Harrods, Joseph, Berney etc. This brand is one to watch and absolutely, to be worn on very special occasions in your life!

What else does every lady need in her Life?! Absolutely correct, a new bag or two or few more… it’s truly never enough! Girls are such the girls when it comes to our bags, we need them all and in all possible colours and materials, from common leather to exotic skin, and luckily enough discovery of this season – Ethan K, was suttifing all the above. With a focus on quality over quantity, Ethan K’s exquisite handbags are made in limited numbers to ensure precision and exclusivity to each of US. Bags can also be named after you, who cool is that?! Ethically sourcing crocodile, alligator, lizard and python skins to craft a considered collection of classic silhouettes, adorned with jewelled clasps. Luxury just the way it has to be. Koh’s designs have been spotted on the arms of celebrities such as Carina Lau, Kim Hyun Joo, Rita Ora, Kim Cattrall and the list goes on. If you are looking to invest in a crocodile bag, its time to look and consider – Ethan K bags! Do I really Need to say more? 

“LUXURY IS ALL ABOUT THE DETAILS” – I can’t find better words to describe the collections of the recently discovered brands I presented. I hope my long-term fruitful relationship with the brands will last forever. So do yours…