Halloween at Annabel’s Members Club 2016


October 29th, 2016

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In the premises of a new Annabels, which will be open in around 2 years time, Richard Caring, throw the biggest, wildest, most terrifying, chilling and frightening Halloween party i have ever been to and which London has ever seen on Saturday 29th October.

5-floor mansion in the heart of Berkley square was turned into a true Vampire and Dracula house.It was an absolutely extremely rare opportunity to walk the corridors and tread the floorboards of Mayfair’s grandest building, by discovering its deepest, darkest secrets along the way. Cocktails of elixirs and vampire blood were offered to quench your thirst. Scary Train, in the basement of the building, it’s simply Insane!!!

My personal Halloween Award goes to….Annabels.

Thank you, Richard, for making such an afford and making it so special with so much wild touches.