Diana: Her Fashion Story Exhibition

December 15th, 2017

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One of these blogs when words mean nothing compared to what and whom I write here about. Diana, Princess of Wales, the idol of many hearts … she died so young but still alive among all of us and today we pay a tribute to her impeccable fashion style at the “Diana: Her Fashion Story Exhibition” at Kensington Palace.

The definitive dress exhibition, traces the evolution of the Princess’s iconic style, from the demure, romantic outfits of her first public appearances, to the glamour, elegance and confidence of her later life.

The exhibition includes Catherine Walker’s gowns worn by the Princess on many occasions including stunning cream long dress with falcons, which Diana wore at the state visit to Saudi Arabia; Victor Edelstein’s iconic ink blue velvet dress, famously worn at the White House when the Princess danced with John Travolta; the tweed suit, she wore on the honeymoon in Scotland and many other astonishing pieces.  In addition to all these historical gowns, the exhibition is complemented by a display of original fashion sketches, which were created for Princess by her favourite designers. Some of them hold the true history – comments and adjustments by the Princess herself.

Absolutely blessed to see the history alive, and its all Thanks to Sonia Falcone, who brought us all together and treated with such an inspirational afternoon. Thank you, Sonia, for the Best Christmas present!

Now, please take your time and go through the pictures, which will tell you the story better than any words can ever do. They say “a picture says more than a thousand words” this is never more true than here…