Chopard Lunch

5 Hartford Street Members Club

November 9th, 2016

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The pre-Christmas festival season has been officially opened in such a stylish and sparkling way, with the most sophisticated and elegant brand on the planet – CHOPARD.

Alina Binova, Caroline Scheufele (Chopard)

Alina Binova, Caroline Scheufele (Chopard)

The greatest host Caroline Scheufele (co – president of Chopard) kindly invited her dearest friends and honorary clients to join her at 5 Hartford street Members Club for Lunch and showcase the Latest Red Carpet Collection pieces by Chopard on such a wonderful autumn Wednesday day.

I should tell you one thing when it comes to CHOPARD, collections are always flawless and timeless. From infamous watch collections to the Fine Jewellery masterpieces. Each and every piece of their collection tells a story about the person who’s wearing it.. and trust me, with the Latest CHOPARD collection each and every story sounds so beautiful and sophisticated, that leaves everyone speechless. Details in each and every piece are not just Details, they make each woman so special.

“Live unforgettable moments with elegance” – that motto describes Chopard in full.

I would like to express my Extra special thank you, to Warly Tomei, who made the whole magic to happen. You are the best co-host and such a beautiful person inside and outside.

I am absolutely honoured to be a part of that magical & fairy tail day and thank you Chopard family for bringing more sparkles into our lives!

All I can add: Don’t be ever afraid to sparkle…CHOPARD way!