Brandon & Mahsa’s Friendship Dinner

Bulgari Hotel, London

October 4th, 2016

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Our dearest, the most stylish, glamorous and favourite couple in London, Brandon and Mahsa Nejati, threw their incredible Friendship Dinner Party on Tuesday at Bulgari Hotel.

Brandon and Mahsa's Friendship Dinner

Brandon and Mahsa’s Friendship Dinner

Ever tho it was Brandon and Mahsa’s party, but this couple gave the best present to all of us, you might ask what is it?! Well, They brought us all together. Trust me, that cost more than anything. Simply the best reunion in London after all the summer or business travels, Fashion weeks and Film Festivals around the world. All under one roof. Thank you guys for this!!! That truly shows how beautiful Brandon and Mahsa are not only outside but inside as well.

So many of the guests arrived in London just a few hours before the dinner. Someone came all the way from Dubai, St. Tropez , Paris etc. From Chanel couture Fashion show in Paris, straight away to the Dinner in London, that shows how loyal and how much we love these 2.

To be very frank with you, the whole evening was so well organised and was so thought throw, that had no faults and was so smooth, fun and so enjoyable. I am absolutely not surprised, as the whole evening really reflects the true Personality of Brandon and Mahsa Nejati. Their generous hearts, which love everyone, was seen in every little detail of the evening, from reception, table decorations and absolutely amazing entertainment… and What an entertainment during the whole evening!!!! It kept all the guests on the dance floor, so there was no time at all, even to try beautifully prepaid food by the Chef. I am still overwhelmed by happy emotions from the evening.

Thank you so much again, Brandon and Mahsa, it was absolutely the best dinner ever!!! But What else would you expect from the BEST Couple?!

LOVE you unconditionally.