Alina Blinova Entrepreneur, Businesswoman, TV Star, Artist and extraordinary Socialite is a Russian-born London resident. As a founder of RuStyle Ltd and star of the hit reality television show, she has gained prominence in a significant sphere. Alina Blinova’s staunch dedication to her academic education led her to triumphantly complete two simultaneous courses bi-continentally. Central to her interests in the business sphere she graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and the Moscow State University – Higher School of Economics in Moscow. Her natural inclination advanced her to the position of investment banker at Barclays Capital, followed by ABN AMRO (RBS), and in turn offered insight into her own dreams of a business venture and ART.

The professional limitations in finance roles urged her to pursue more challenging, and creatively flexible options, such as her endeavours in PR at RuStyle Ltd. Specialising in Brand Management and Public Relations for an affluent set of clientele the company caters to a wide range of tastes including, Brand development, Social media marketing, Media relationship & Event management. In a convergence of her celebrity status and her business acumen Alina has risen to prominence as a businesswoman and entrepreneur, producing PR strategies and luxury lifestyle management strategies for the modern-day clients. UK Awards Winner: “Most influential & innovative woman in PR & Brand management”.

Further to her professional and personal accomplishments, as a philanthropist, Alina has donated hundreds of hours as an event organiser, making countless monetary donations to worthy charitable efforts on an international range. This reflects her refined approach to all matters, accentuating the importance of a sophisticated, cultured method of execution, which is equally important to the extravagance of the final product or service. Alina insists on the meticulous preparation and completion of every project, offering customised attention to the individual’s desires. In only few years, under the graceful design and supervision of Alina’s gaze, RuStyle has gained international renown among the world’s wealthiest, claiming a position of a powerful contender in the market.